• History
All Works Under Water is a Senegalese company founded in 1965 by Mr. Gérard Merdjanopoulos, independent worker and passionate about scuba diving. 

At the time, professional diving is in its infancy, and the company quickly developed a certain expertise; it is involved in most operations of underwater work and work on maritime coast of Dakar and West Africa. 

Very early TTSM has worked with big names such as COMEX diving groups, CG DORIS etc. This has made ​​it possible to confirm its capabilities and develop a consistent experience. Today TTSM remains a recognized player in the maritime sector on the African west coast, and takes advantage of the strategic location of the Port of Dakar. 

Over the years we have developed and maintained an extensive network of partners technical specialists in assistance in high-tech marine or underwater operations. 

Still in search of optimization for customer satisfaction, TTSM is today an innovative and responsible modern, flexible company.